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Brockville Museum

Donate to the Collection

The Brockville Museum depends on the generous support of individuals who donate objects of local historical interest. Such objects may include a variety of things such as photographs or slides that belonged to a local family, a Christmas tree stand manufactured at Smart’s foundry in Brockville or a high school yearbook.

The museum’s collection committee makes decisions with regards to accepting objects into the collection based on the museum’s collection policy. The committee considers:

  • how well the object meets the museum’s mandate
  • the use of the object
  • the history (provenance) of the object
  • the object’s condition
  • does the object already exist within the museum’s collection

The collection committee meets on the second Thursday of each month.  The committee relies on the information provided by the donor in order to make an informed decision.  Some of the reasons an item may be declined include:

  • the object is outside of the museum’s scope (in our case, not connected to Brockville)
  • it is a duplicate of something already in our collection
  • poor condition 
  • size - the museum's physical capacity must be taken into consideration
  • "conditional gift" and "permanent loans" - the Brockville Museum avoids objects donated with "conditions"

If you are considering donating an object to the museum, you are encouraged to email the museum with a photo of the object and as much information as possible about it or you may bring the object to the museum.  Either way you will be asked to fill out a temporary receipt form (which you may download as a PDF here).  Please pay special attention to the questions on the second page of the form.

Once the collection committee has met you will be notified of their decision.  Should the object not be accepted there are a number of other options available to you.