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Brockville Museum

General Information about the Museum

Opened in 1981 and operated by the City of Brockville, the Brockville Museum provides residents and visitors alike a glimpse into over 200 years of Brockville history.  In addition to our exhibits and collections, we offer a full schedule of educational programs, lectures, and fund-raising events. 

Our team of two full-time staff members, two part-time staff members, and over 100 volunteers will assist you in discovering what makes our community unique and interesting.  

We are committed to the preservation of our local history and to meeting the needs of our community.  Our mission statement reads:

"The Brockville Museum is committed to the preservation and promotion of the history of Brockville through continuing quality exhibits and programs. The Museum activities will be supported by a collection of related artifacts and archival material. 

The Brockville Museum will endeavour to grow with, and for the community, providing a source of knowledge on the heritage of Brockville for present and future generations."

This is supported by our Statement of Purpose.

We are governed by a
Board of Management and receive support in a variety of ways from The Friends of the Brockville Museum