Situated in Brockville's historic downtown core, the Brockville Museum features exhibits and artifacts related to over 200 years of our social and commercial development and the integral role the St. Lawrence river has played. Changing thematic displays and special events complement our permanent exhibits. There's always lots to do at the museum so please go to "Eventsto see what's happening!

Museum Hours of Operation

Labour Day - Victoria Day Weekend

Victoria Day Weekend - Labour Day

Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm
(closed on holidays - except for Family Day)
Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
& Sunday 1pm-5pm

The Brockville Museum will be one of the locales for "Poetry Lives in Brockville".  As a result access to some of our exhibits will be limited on Saturday July 12. Admission will be free on this date.

Museum Admission Prices


Museum Location & Contact




5 Henry Street, Brockville  K6V 6M4

Seniors & Youth




44°35'10.67" N 75°41'12.17" W











For bus tours and larger groups we are pleased to offer a variety of packages that can be customized to fit your needs. 


Opened in 1981 and operated by the City of Brockville, the Brockville Museum provides residents and visitors alike a glimpse into over 200 years of Brockville history.  In addition to our exhibits and collections, we offer a full schedule of educational programs, lectures, and fund-raising events. 

Our team of two full-time staff members, two part-time staff members, and over 100 volunteers will assist you in discovering what makes our community unique and interesting.  

We are committed to the preservation of our local history and to meeting the needs of our community.  Our mission statement reads:

"The Brockville Museum is committed to the preservation and promotion of the history of Brockville through continuing quality exhibits and programs. The Museum activities will be supported by a collection of related artifacts and archival material. 

The Brockville Museum will endeavour to grow with, and for the community, providing a source of knowledge on the heritage of Brockville for present and future generations."

This is supported by our Statement of Purpose.

We are governed by a
Board of Management and receive support in a variety of ways from The Friends of the Brockville Museum


"...the Brockville Museum grows with, and for the community, providing a source of knowledge on the heritage of Brockville for present and future generations..."

The Brockville Museum's exhibitions invite visitors to discover Brockville's social and industrial past as well as the integral role that the St. Lawrence River has played in the lives of Brockvillians.   The museum's more prominent exhibits feature familiar company names such as "Stetson" and "Smart", as well as "Briscoe" and "Atlas" which will always be associated with our community.

For an overview of our permanent exhibits, please click on "displays".

Brockville also has rich military history which is also reflected in our exhibits.  As part of a community project in 2001, a record of local military memorials and the names recorded on them was created and may be viewed at:  Brockville Military Memorial History

The Brockville Museum's Collection:

(click for information about donating to our collection)

Our various collections include three large photographic collections, including:

  • well-known Brockville photographer Ian Inniss
  • the Recorder and Times newspaper 
  • the McCormick collection of St. Lawrence River shipping

Help Support Exhibition Development: Sponsor a "The People of Brockville" Panel

Would you like to leave a lasting impression on the Brockville Museum?  We are launching an exhibit development campaign to help us tell more Brockville stories- stories that focus on Brockville’s fascinating historical figures and our vivacious ordinary people!  We are asking our supporters to consider sponsoring an exhibition panel for just $200 that tells the story of one unique Brockville resident.  Below is a list of people (in no particular order) who we’d like to see sponsored:

  • Major James Morrow Walsh
  • Con Darling
  • Ogle Gowan
  • Betty MacDowell
  • Thain MacDowell
  • The Fulford Family
  • Agnes Lor

Panels for the Cossitt Family, Col. Curry, the Brockettes and John Matheson have already been sponsored- Thank you!

We know that there are many more important Brockvillians, this list represents only those stories that we’d like to exhibit right away.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to let us know.  We’re focusing on significant figures in Canadian history who have called Brockville home and people who have demonstrated substantial commitment to the community and would be of particular interest to tourists visiting Brockville.

If you’d like to sponsor a panel for $200, please email museum@brockville.com or call Natalie at the museum at 613-342-4397.

"Open Drawer" Project Now Underway!:

The "Open Drawer" Project will allow the museum to make its’ collection of over 29,000 photographs and over 6,000 objects accessible online.  Once this system is up and running, anyone in the world will be able to search the museum’s collection from the Museum’s website.  If you wanted to know whether the museum had an old picture of a particular building, you’d simply do a keyword search and you’d instantly get results- even be able to view the image!  Likewise, staff will be able to carry-out similar searches on-site, dramatically reducing the amount of time required to locate objects, photographs, documents and information. This initiative will take several years.  But thanks to the Friends of the Brockville Museum and a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Brockville Museum has been able to hire a Project Manager to take on the challenge of transitioning our records from paper to computer over the next eight months, with the assistance of an army of volunteers, of course!  For the full story, click here.





Four main exhibit areas, the Carriage Hall, the Annex, the Gallery, and Beecher House, comprise the Brockville Museum:

The Carriage Hall:
"Made in Brockville" is the over-arching theme of the exhibits in both the Carriage Hall and the Gallery.  Brockville's early carriage and automobile industry is represented by two fully-restored Atlas and Briscoe cars that are on display.  Also featured is a 1871 Brockville Fire Pumper and a Mann Manufacturing seeder. 

The Annex:
Located just off the Carriage Hall, the Annex houses various of special displays and travelling exhibits. 

June-September 2014: "Health Promotion" a travelling exhibit from the Ontario Archives will be on display in the Annex, supplemented by unique objects from the Brockville Museum's own collection.

The Gallery:
Continuing the theme "Made in Brockville" you will find the story of Stetson Hats (and it's predecessors Union and Wolthausen Hats) as well as J. W. Smart's Foundry.  The fact that Brockville is the home of Canada's first railway tunnel and there were three different railway lines (the Grand trunk, the Brockville & Ottawa, and the Brockville, Westport & Sault Ste. Marie) converging here at one point is reflected in an extensive photo display and a representation of the office of the Grand Trunk Railway agent c1906 are also located in the Gallery. 

Three rooms comprise Beecher House focus on Brockville's social past and include exhibits regarding:

  • recreation and sport, featuring a beautiful 1890?s St. Lawrence Skiff, and  displays on the Gilbert Boat Company, the Brockville Fish and Game Club, the Olsena Fishing Club, and the Brockville Rod and Gun Club 
  • the Cossitt Family, for four generations the Cossitt's have been active contributors to the business, civic, political and social affairs of Brockville
  • St. Alban?s School, a private boys school open between 1896 to 1949 with the altar from the chapel being the centrepiece


There’s always something going on at the Brockville Museum!

Whether there is an event in the Carriage Hall, or we are visiting one of our local service clubs, history does not stand still around here!

We have specially designed programs for every age group:

If you have a group or are a tour operator that wishes to visit the museum, we offer a variety of museum, walking, or Brockville tours are likely to be of interest! 

We will also come to you! For over 20 years our Outreach Programs offer engaging weekly programs developed specifically for seniors and are held in seniors' facilitites in and around Brockville. If you are looking for a guest speaker, we offer a variety of special presentations as part of our Guest Speakers Program that can be brought to your service clubs or meetings.

For our upcoming programs visit our Going's On page or contact us.


The Brockville Museum offers a variety of services including:

We are also home to a number of clubs and groups that may be of interest to you.


The home of Leeds & Grenville Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's may befound  on the lower level of the historic Beecher House at the Brockville Museum.

The society's archives are rich in family histories, pedigree files, local histories, microfilms of births, deaths, marriages and census records related to Leeds & Grenville (as well as to other areas of Ontario). The society has conducted numerous researches on cemeteries and census records; these publications are available for research or purchase at the archives.
The facilities include microfilm readers, a printer and a photocopier.

A $5.00 daily pass or a $25.00 annual pass (which includes a subscription to the bimonthly newsletter) gives you access to the extensive store of data. Society members have automatic access. A volunteer is always on duty to assist in finding relevant materials.

We are open from 1 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To contact us at the Leeds & Grenville Genealogical Society:
Phone:     (613) 342 7773
Mailing adress:

                 5 Henry Street
                 Brockville, ON
                 K6V 6M4


A limited supply of costumes are available for anyone wishing to use them for historic events.  Please contact us a museum@brockville.com or by called (613) 342 4397 for rates and further information.


As you browse through the Education portion of the museum website you will see the extensive list of programs offered to schools and youth groups. Our programming goes beyond the walls of the museum.

We visit hospitals, nursing homes, and seniors homes on a regular basis. Museum staff and volunteers have designed a variety of programs which are of interest to seniors.

One such program has been in existence for twenty years and is called Artifact Therapy. This is held on a weekly basis for patients in a hospital setting and is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Brockville. Museum and hospital staff and volunteers, using artifacts and visual aids, explore a variety of topics to engage the patient in conversation and group participation.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please call the museum for details.

Booking dates and charges are arranged to meet the needs of the client.
Some of the Museum's Artifact Therapy topics:
  • Mysterious Brockville (Brockville ghost stories)
  • Hallowe’en
  • Mother Barnes
  • World War One (generally a two-part lecture)
  • Christmas Gift Givers
  • (a look at gift givers from around the world)
  • St. Nicholas Through the Ages
  • Trimming the Tree (History of Decorations old and new)
  • Ringing in the New Year
  • (New Year’s Traditions and their origins)
  • History of Board Games
  • The Fulfords
  • The Development of Brockville
  • Dance Halls of Brockville
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Thinking Day: Girl Guides and Boy Scouts
  • Calendars and Leap Years
  • Animals of Charleston Lake Provincial Park
  • St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish in Canada
  • (with a special look at the Irish in Brockville)
  • Easter Traditions
  • April Fools Day
  • Spring Flowers (species and techniques for survival)
  • St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Statues and Fountains of Brockville
  • Brockville Trust and Savings Co. Burglary
  • Victorian Meaning of Flowers
  • Brockville Skyline
  • Turtles of the St. Lawrence
  • Brockville and Area Churches
  • Frogs of the St. Lawrence Area
See the Guest Speakers page for a complete list of topics.


Yes! Your support is important to us!  The Brockville Museum depends heavily on its volunteers as well as monetary donations  to grow and better serve our visitors and community.

Yes, I am interested in VOLUNTEERING!          

Yes, I would like to make a DONATION!

We also accept donations of items for our collection, click here more for information.


The Brockville Museum is a hub of community activity – the museum is home to:

The following groups and organizations also have a presence here at the museum:  

If you are a group that is looking for meeting space, we might be able to help.  Please email us at museum@brockville.com for terms and rates.


The Brockville Museum is owned and operated by the City of Brockville. The Board of Management of the Brockville Museum is a public, accountable body that follows a clearly defined mission and goals, and maintains openness in its decisions and operations.

The Board consists of a councillor, representing the City of Brockville, and ten residents of Brockville who serve as board members.

The Board meets the third Monday of each month September through June.  Click here to access minutes of Board meetings.

Friends of the Brockville Museum

The objectives of the Friends of the Brockville Museum are to promote and enhance the aims of the Brockville Museum. The Friends, as a registered non-profit foundation, formalize a group of volunteers and supporters interested in heritage preservation.

The Friends are dedicated to:

  • promoting the Brockville Museum
  • protecting and preserving the Museum, its collection and its historical environment 
  • enhancing the Museum's educational and cultural programs
  • providing financial and material support for Museum programs

Become a Friend of the Brockville Museum by downloading a membership form and sending it in! 

Museum membership entitles members to free admission to the Museum, a 10% discount on items in the gift shop, a discount on adult and children’s programs, and the The Monitor newsletter.  Please help us ensure that present and future generations will reap the benefit of our museum. 


Monetary donations are gratefully received. For donations over $25.00 the Friends of the Brockville Museum issue income tax receipts to donors.  Gifts in Kind are also gratefully received.
The Friends of the Brockville Museum is an incorporated affiliate of The Ontario Historical Society and is registered with Revenue Canada as a public foundation.

Current Education Programs

Looking to try something new with your class?  Bring them to the museum.  We'll make a special craft, bake and play games - all while learning about local history!

We can bring the museum to your school!

Our 'On The Go' programs have been developed to engage, entertain, and educate children from grade 1 through 12. Choose the topic and We'll bring it right to your classroom - no need to book a bus! 

Look for this symbol:  for our 'On-The-Go' programs (all programs are also available at the museum)

For more information on these or any other program, please email or phone our Museum Educator, Amy Whitehorne at (613) 342 4397.

Available Programs:

Victorian Summer Games

  • Investigate the fun and games of Victorian summertime.
  • Play croquet, hoops and marbles.
  • Students will enjoy making homemade ice cream and a pinwheel.
  • Grades 1 to 4
  • $4 per student

Settler Games

  • In the 1800s, going to the store may only be a twice yearly event, so children had to make their own fun. Find out about settler toys and games and how the early settlers had a use for everything.
  • Students will make a toy and bake cornbread.
  • Grade 3
  • $4 per student 

A Voyageur's Life

  • Explore the adventures of the First Europeans to settle Eastern Ontario.
  • Come out and sing, make some bannock, a woven bookmark and learn why the beaver is on the nickel!
  • Grades 3 to 6
  • $4 per student

Life on Turtle Island

  • This program provides an opportunity for students to get a hands-on look at local native artifacts and to discuss Canadian history from a First Nations' perspective.
  • Students enjoy the challenge of making their own dream catcher and baking bannock.
  • Grades 6
  • $4 per student

Poppies, Poems, and Personal Effects

  • Students will find out about the people of Brockville that were in WWI by exploring photographs, letters, and other documents from our Archives.
  • This program includes a PowerPoint presentation of sites in WWI and what they look like today, as well as a visit to the Cenotaph and a baking item.
  • Grades 6 to 12
  • $4 per student

Geo-History Challenges

Participants enjoy the Museum's innovative program where modern technology enhances the thrill of discovery. Using hand-help GPS units, teams of students find the clues to some of Brockville's biggest historic events while reading some little-known stories from our past.  Instruction on the use of a GPS is given.  Program delivered at the museum only.

Grades 7 - 12   $3 per student. 

There are four programs to choose from:

Battlefield Brockville                                                                                                                                                                                            Brockville has not always been a peaceful town.  Just in time for the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, this program is a way for your students to find out about unrest and rebellion in the Brockville area.  Explore the Battle of the Thousand Islands, the War of 1812, the Fenian Raids and more.  This special GPS scavenger hunt will bring you face-to-face with our military history. 

CSI: Brockville, Discovering Brockville Blazes
Fires have brought about huge changes in downtown Brockville, find out how by following clues, just like CSI!Travel downtown to unravel the mysteries of these historic fires. How did they start? Who was innocent? How far did the boiler from the Smarts foundry fly after the explosion? And more...

Cops: Brockville-Crimes & Criminals
Brockville has been home to the County Courthouse for more than 200 years. During this time, some sensational trials and horrific crimes have happened right here.
Learn the history of the police force and the courthouse, visit the site of one of Canada's largest bank heists and find out the sad fates of John Simpson and Charlie Luckey — all while having fund and searching for the clues.

Brockville and the Biosphere
The new Geo-History program is a great way to introduce students to the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, ecology, natural heritage or even to celebrate Earth Day.  This high-tech scavenger hunt is sure to please!

Museum Secrets

A Simpler Christmas

-celebrate Christmas in 1886 with the Billings family
-travel back in time while playing period games
-sing a song or a carol (or two!)
-grades K to 6
-$4 per student



The Brockville Museum is not just for school groups, you can make your next visit with us fun for the whole family.

Our ongoing kids' activities allow children to explore the museum and take part in activities specially designed for them. Younger children can search the Museum to Find Boo while older children can take on the challenge of our Scavenger Hunt. The Kids' Room is fun for the whole family. It’s a place to read and find out what being in a log cabin is really like.

For a real treat, book your child’s next Birthday Party at the Brockville Museum. From Victorian Tea to Military, this program is always fun for both children and adults.


Education Programs at the Museum are designed to bring history to life for your students.  Focusing on key aspects of Canadian and local history, all programs are linked to the Ontario curriculum guidelines.  Each program includes artifacts and historic discussion, a baking item, and a craft project for the children to take home.
Alternatively, if you are looking for a program that is not already available our educator will work with you to design a program to best suit your needs on any topic. 
As a member of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere reserve's Environmental Education Network, we can supply programs for both Natural and Cultural History themes.
From the history of your community, a hike near your school, a visit from an historical character or a look at artifacts...the possibilities are endless!

Many of our programs are available 'to go'. With our Museum On The Go program, we will bring our programs to your classroom.  With the expense of a bus only getting higher, let the Brockville Museum come to you.  Programs can be tailored to your specific needs. If there is a topic that you would like covered, just let us know and we will put together a program to best suit your needs.
There is an additional mileage fee depending on your location, however the program fee witl stay the same. Call for more information.

Booking Procedure:
  • Book Early: Book at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure your date is available. For Christmas programming, please book 6 – 8 weeks in advance.
  • Length of each Program: Please allow 2 hours for each program, especially for larger groups.
  • Accessibility and Special Needs: The Museum is wheelchair accessible. Please advise us of any children with allergies or special needs.
  • Other Considerations: Invoices will be forwarded to you at your school. However, payment will also be accepted on the date of your visit.
To book your program or for more information:
Email the Educator or contact us by phone: (613) 342 4397


From time to time, the Museum is asked to provide a speaker for special events, service club meetings and conferences. Our Museum Educator is happy to come and speak to your group on a wide range of topics from history to nature and everything in between.  Some of are programs are specific to Brockville and area while others, although about a broader topic, will include a section on how the topic connects to Brockville.

We have many presentations already available, however, we will also put together one that will best suit your group.  The presentations last between 30 and 45 minutes with an opportunity to ask questions. These PowerPoint presentations are entertaining, engaging, and educational and often include artifacts from the Museum’s collection to compliment the information.

Supplies required when booking a guest speaker:

  • small table for computer and projector

  • access to an electrical outlet (we supply our own extension cords)

  • a blank wall or projection screen (if one is unavailable, we can make arrangements to bring one)

  • a donation to the Brockville Museum is encouraged

For more information, please email the Museum Educator or call the Museum at (613) 342 4397.

Available topics

Specific to Brockville and area:

  • Brockville Trust and Savings Burglary
  • Col. Curry and the First World War
  • Dance Halls of Brockville
  • Development of Brockville (Beginnings to 1832)
  • Development of Brockville II (1832 – present)
  • Mother Barnes: The ‘Witch’ of Plum Hollow
  • Mysteries of Brockville (Ghosts)
  • Rotary Minstrel Shows
  • Skyline of Brockville
  • St. Lawrence Seaway
  • Statues and Fountains of Brockville
  • The Fulfords
  • Winter on the River


  • April Fools
  • Easter Traditions
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Christmas Carols, History of
  • Gift Givers
  • Hallowe’en
  • Ringing in the New Year
  • Santa Through the Ages
  • St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish in Brockville
  • Thanksgiving and the Fall Fair
  • Trimming the Tree (History of Decorations)
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Flag Day

General History:

  • World War I
  • Board Games
  • Parlour Games
  • Calendars and Leap Years
  • Guiding and Scouting (Thinking Day)
  • Victorian Meaning of Flowers
  • The Moose Lodge
  • Winter Sports

Local Ecology:

  • Turtles of the St. Lawrence Area
  • Salamanders
  • Birds in the Winter
  • Spring Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies
  • Brockville and the Biosphere/Earth Day

New topics are always under development. Please contact us for a list of current topics or to put together a program just for you!


Let us help you with your research! The Brockville Museum is a great resource for research on local and family history as well as the St. Lawrence River and Seaway.

The Museum has both an archive and library and is also the home of the
Leeds and Grenville Genealogical Society, all of which offer a wealth of information to both professional and amateur researchers.  While you are welcome to use the library,  please call in advance and make your interests known so that we may better serve you.

If you are interested in information about a specific area of interest, please fill out and submit a research request form [currently only available as a pdf document, we are working on an online request for]  Research requests are handled by a dedicated group of museum volunteers who pride themselves on their accuracy and promptness.  Depending on the nature to your request, we will have a response to you between 2 and 4 weeks.

Located on the upper level in Beecher House, our library contains hundreds of reference books and research files.  We also have an archive that contains thousands of images, as well as an extensive collections of certificates, maps, ledgers, diaries and letters, land records, and moving images in various formats.  We are happy to have you access our facilities, but an appointment is required.  Our dedicated volunteer archivists will be happy to assist you with your research needs. 


We'd appreciate your donation...or perhaps you'd like to become a member of the Brockville Museum!

Monetary donations can be made in person or may be mailed to us. We gratefully accept cheques, or you may also use your debit or credit card. Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $25.00 by the Friends of the Brockville Museum.

Other options to consider include:

In Memoriam - Making a Bequest to the Brockville Museum:
The Friends of the Brockville Museum has a program for the receipt of bequeaths, insurance policies, endowments and planned givings. In Memoriums are discussed with families and the use of funds targeted towards the family’s interests.

Planned Giving Program:
In partnership with the Brockville Community Foundation, our Planned Giving Program is perfect for anyone considering making a meaningful charitable gift. A planned gift is a very individual decision that considers your giving objectives and estate planning benefits of the gift. Your gift may be outright and immediate, or a future gift arranged now for a later date.

Patio Stones:
To make a lasting gift that recognizes a member of your family consider buying a Patio Stone. The Friends Patio serves as an open area for visitors to sit and enjoy the view, for children to enjoy our educational programs, as well as a place to host special events.  For only $100 per stone, you may add your name, the name of a loved one or mark a special occasion such as a wedding, birth, retirement, in memoriam.  Please contact us directly at museum@brockville.com or (613) 342 4397 to purchase this lasting memory.


Royal Canadian Air Force Association 450 (Sabre) Wing Brockville meets at the Brockville Museum on the second Wednesday of each month.

Guests and prospective members are welcome attend. For further information contact Mike Bowen, President at (613) 432 6803.


Each November the Brockville Artists' Studio, a group of approximately thirty local artists, holds their annual show and sale at the Brockville Museum.

The Museum affords the Studio a wonderful venue for the showing of their artwork. Featuring a variety of media including oils, watercolours, pastels, acrylic, charcoal & mixed media, this is an event that is not to be missed. 

For more information, visit their website at 


The Museum Gift Shop has a variety of Brockville souvenir products, a good selection of books, toys and assorted seasonal items including:

“The Story of Brockville – Men and Women Making a Canadian Community on The United States Frontier 1749-2007" - the definitive history of Brockville.  Skillfully written by Dr. Glenn Lockwood, he has captured the social, political, industrial, and military of Brockville, generously illustrated with photos, maps, and drawings.

For that special gift consider Brockville Voices II which features personal stories of local residents including Capt. Everett Snider, Betty MacDowell, Fred Gilbert, Harold Latham, Jack Shepherd,
Peter Johnston, Jack Shepherd and Ben TeKamp.

Other new titles include:

  • The History of Mallorytown, Fact, Folklore and Fiction by David J. Wells (copies are signed by the author) $20 each.
  • Major James Morrow Walsh by local historian Brian Porter $8
  • Bayswater Shipping [Brockville’s very own shipping company] by Tom Brewer and Skip Gilham $20

For our younger visitors we have a selection of traditional wooden toys such as Jacobs Ladders, Acrobat Man, and Button Spinners. 



Interested in weaving your own basket? The Basket Guild meets once a month for a weaving session. Some months the group works on a particular basket style and other months weavers choose their individual project.

Drop by, see what it's all about. Under the expert guidance of the senior weavers you will learn weaving basics and create your first basket!

When: Fourth Thursday of the month (Sept.-Jun.)
Time:  8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Fee: $3.50 per person plus your basket kit


This is an opportunity to receive expert assistance with your work and spend an enjoyable few hours at the Museum. Come, bring your knitting, cross stitch, teddy bears or whatever you are working on and join us.

Bring a lunch as tea and coffee will be served.

When: Every Monday (Sept.-June) 

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Fee: $3.50 per person 


Every Tuesday, the stitchers gather in the classroom from 1 - 3 pm to learn some interesting stitchery, including:

  • Hardanger Embroidery
  • Black Work
  • Needlepoint
  • Cross Stitch
  • Petit Point
  • and many more interesting stitches

Under the leadership of well known needlework teacher Mary Lou Wilson, participants work on their projects, learn new skills enjoy afternoon tea and of course there's always lively conversation!

Newcomers are welcome. Come make new friends and have fun!

When:  Every Tuesday (year-round)

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Fee:  $3.50 per person


In 1990, a few military buffs decided to recreate the colour and pageantry of the 1860s and formed the Brockville Infantry Company (1862). With a passion for detail and authenticity the founders of the re-enactors, researched the history of the original company and set out to relive the past.

Exact copies of the bright red British tunics were manufactured by a military tailor in Toronto. Custom leatherwork was crafted locally and working replicas of the 1853 Enfield black powder muzzle-loading muskets were imported from the USA.

Today over twenty re-enactors make up the group. They are composed of local lawyers, teachers, managers and business men. They dress in their bright red British tunics and carry fully functional replicas of the original Enfield muskets with bayonets. The group creates a striking picture when they execute the same precision drill manoeuvres that their counterparts performed over 130 years ago.

In order to present this polished image of precision, the re-enactors practice drill manoeuvres indoors throughout the winter months. Every spring, training in black powder handling, the maintenance of muskets and live firing is conducted outside. During the warmer months, the group brings their impressive performance to numerous local events, parades, re-enactments and encampments.

The company has earned recognition for the quality of its authentic performances and the re-enactors travel throughout southern Ontario and beyond. They welcome inquiries regarding appearances.

The Brockville Infantry Company (1862)
P.O. Box 2041
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 6N5


The Col. Edward Jessup Branch of The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada was formed on February 24, 1968. It is named after Edward Jessup, a United Empire Loyalist who founded the town of Prescott in 1810.

Along with being a historical and genealogical organization in Leeds and Grenville, the Branch also has many social activities for its members including two or more dinner meetings each year.

Members are kept informed of the Branch activities through its quarterly newsletter. It is not a prerequisite that new members have a Loyalist ancestor. They are welcome to join as an associate member and enjoy all of the Branch events.

Find more information at the UELS website:
Col. The Edward Jessup Branch


Seaway Ship Enthusiasts will hold its next meeting on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Carriage Hall of the Brockville Museum.  All members of the public who share this interest are invited to join us! 

Our group started out as a lecture at the Brockville museum! After attending a talk describing about the ships that pass Brockville at the museum's annual winter lecture series, a couple of individuals suggested getting a group of like-minded people together to meet to talk about ships. Friends talked to friends and “Seaway Ship Enthusiasts” was born. The name refers to the range of interests that were evident, ranging from the ships themselves to the old canals between Prescott and Montreal, and of the course the construction and on-going operation of the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every second month (a total of five times per year) between September and May. There will be a different program or theme each meeting. This includes guest speakers, members’ own pictures, or images from the museum’s own archival collection. A nominal fee of $3.50 per person per meeting will be charged, thereby avoiding an annual membership fee. For further information please contact Viktor at the Brockville Museum by email at
vkaczkowski@brockville.com or call the museum at (613) 342 4397.


History comes to life when school groups visit our Museum.  Every program involves hands-on crafts and baking activities. Programs are 1½ to 2 hours in length. Grade designation for each program is based on the Ontario School Curriculum but programs can be adapted to the needs of your class. See 2013-2014 Education Programs for this school year's offerings!

Programs labeled museum "On the Go" can be brought to your school.  If you don't have time for a full program maybe Something Different our 1 hour programs are of interest.

Several times a year, the Museum features Special Educational Programs. Travelling exhibits and Christmas at the Museum are always popular.

Visit our Current Education Programs to see what we are offering this year. New programs include "Musuem Secrets" and for the upcoming Christmas season "A Simpler Christmas".

Looking for something different? Our Educator will work with you to design a special program on any topic to suit you needs.  As a member of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve's Environmental Education Network, the Brockville Museum can supply programs for both Natural and Cultural History themes.

Email the Museum Educator with your ideas! P
hone fax, or email to book!

  • Class size - our programs are best suited to classes of 25-30, however larger groups may be accommodated.
  • Booking Considerations - to better accommodate your class, we ask that you book your program at least three weeks in advance
  • Allergies and Accessibility - Bus parking is available and the Museum is wheelchair accessible. Please advise the Educator of any allergies when booking your program.
  • Dress - please ensure that children are dress appropriately.  Ask the Educator about any other items that may be required for your specific program.
  • Costs - our program rates are subject to change and are generally charged on a 'per-student' basis. Teachers and class volunteers are admitted free.
  • Payment - Class visits may be paid by cash or cheque on the date of your visit.  Alternatively we could send an invoice to your school following the program.


If you don't have time for a full program but still want to visit the Museum, here's your chance! Choose one of our short program options for students of a variety of grades:

Tour of the Museum,  Grades K to 12

I Spy Museum Challenge,   Grades K to 2

Scavenger Hunt,   Grades 3 to 5

All of the above also include a discussion of how the Museum works, a chance to hold some artifacts from the Collection, time to explore the Children's Room, try our typewriter and rotary phone and have some juice.

Programs last about 1 hour and cost $2 per student.


At the Brockville Museum, we love to host Birthday Parties!

Call us and together we can put together a special theme for your child's party. Then leave the games, crafts and clean up to us!
A popular choice is the "Victorian Tea Party", where children get to dress up in period costumes.

Fee: $10.00 per child
Minimum charge $50.00 - Parents provide snacks and cake

To book please email the Museum Educator.


The Museum welcomes groups in the evenings to complete heritage and craft-based badge work or participate in seasonal programming.

Together we will put together a program that will best suit the needs of your unit.

Exclusively for Girl Guides and Boy Scouts! Looking to take your scouts or guides on an overnight trip like no other? Bring them to the Museum!

We will put together a specialized program for your group which will not only fulfill badge requirements, but will be fun for everyone!

Groups sleep over in the Carriage Hall. All snacks, meals and activities will be provided by the Museum. Prices vary according to length of stay and programming content.

For more information see Guiding & Scouting Programs (PDF document) or email
the Museum Educator.


Geo-History Challenges

Participants enjoy the Museum's innovative program where modern technology enhances the thrill of discovery. Using hand-help GPS units, teams of students find the clues to some of Brockville's biggest historic events while reading some little-known stories from our past.  Instruction on the use of a GPS is given.
Grades 7 - 12 — $3 per student. 

There are four programs to choose from:

NEW!!!  Battlefield Brockville 
Brockville has not always been a peaceful town. This NEW Geo-History Program is a way for your students to find out about unrest and rebellion in the Brockville area.  Explore the Battle of the Thousand Islands, the War of 1812, the Battle of the Windmill, the Fenian Raids, and more. This high-tech GPS-based scavenger hunt will bring the unreast home and gaear us up for the 20-0th anniversary of the War of 1812.

Cops: Brockville-Crimes & Criminals

Brockville has been home to the County Courthouse for more than 100 years. During this time, some sensational trials and horrific crimes have happened right here.
Learn the history of the police force and the courthouse, visit the site of one of Canada's largest bank heists and find out the sad fates of John Simpson and Charlie Luckey — all while having fun and searching for the clues.

Brockville and the Biosphere
The new Geo-History program is a great way to introduce students to the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, ecology, natural heritage or even to celebrate Earth Day.  This high-tech scavenger hunt is sure to please!

CSI: Brockville, Discovering Brockville Blazes

Fires have brought about huge changes in downtown Brockville, find out how by following clues, just like CSI!
Travel downtown to unravel the mysteries of these historic fires. How did they start? Who was innocent? How far did the boiler from the Smarts foundry fly after the explosion? And more...


Brockville Museum Event and News Highlights
(or view our month-by-month calendar for all events):

"Open Drawer" Project Update: The Friends of the Brockville Museum receive grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation; "Open Drawer" project now underway! Click here for full story. 

August 15th: "Raising a Pint" for the Brockville Museum

Join the Friends of the Brockville Museum for this popular event featuring beer from Beau's All-Natural Brewing, appetizers from local restaurants and live music from The Hoolies. "Try five unique brews paired with inspired food!"  Tickets are just $25 for members or $30 for non-members and are available at the museum.  Tickets are limited so don't delay.  

Thank you to all our sponsors: Beau's All Natural Brewing, Snap'd 1000 Islands, Brockberry Grill, The Georgian Dragon, The Barley Mow, Buds on the Bay, and The Mill Restaurant.  Proceeds from this event will support the Open Drawer Project.

  2014 Summer Children's Programs

  Our Summer Programs start July 8th! For complete details please click here!

Birthday Parties 

If you haven't heard about our museum birthday, you are missing out - we party like it's 1899!   Three-legged races, croquet, homemade ice cream, a craft and more!  There are two differnt themes to choose from.  Contact us to book your party, spaces fill up fast  Click on poster for more details!

September 20th: Annual Silent Auction

Back again this year is our ever popular kitsh and collectibles silent auction.  If you have an item you'd like to offer, we are accepting donations starting in mid-August.  If you're a bidder, get ready for the excitment and join us September 20th.  Bidding closes at 2pm.

October 4th: Legends and Lore Bus Tour

Join Museum Educator, Amy Mackie, on Saturday, October 4th for an exploration of the more mysterious past of Leeds and Grenville.  Tour departs at 10am and returns by 5pm with a catered lunch enroute.  Coach transportation and several unique stops make this tour comfortable and educational.  Advanced reservations are required.  Tickets are just $65 for members or $70 for non-members and are available by contacting the museum.

October 17th: Murder Mystery Dinner

A 1920s-themed murder mystery dinner taking place at the museum.  Seating will be extremely limited.  Details to follow.

November 14th: Cheese Ball

Join us Brockville's Royal Canadian Legion on Friday, November 14th for a "gouda" time as we celebrate 100 years of commercial cheese manufacturing in Ontario.  We'll be sampling unique local cheeses, dancing to cheesy music and caping the night off with an old fashioned cheese auction, all in support of the Brockville Museum.  Tickets are available by contacting the Brockville Museum, just $25/ea.


 "The Monitor" is the Brockville Museum's occasional newsletter.  First published in 1986, "The Monitor: is sent to members of the museum between 2 and 4 times each year.  "The Monitor" contains articles of historic interest as well as information about events and activities at the museum. Click on the links below to view some of our back issues! (Back issues will posted only once the current issue has been superceded).



Over the next few weeks we will be creating a photo gallery of both recent events at the museum as well as archival images from our extensive collection.   Please check back occasionally to view our progress.

Minutes - Board of Management


Click to View


Volunteering at the Brockville Museum

We would like you to become one of our volunteers!  Ranging from gardening to greeting our visitors, from assisting with preparing exhibits to helping host one of our fund-raising events, we are looking for a wide range of skills! High school or retiree, please consider joining us! 

For a detailed list of volunteer roles at the museum please download our Volunteer Duties and Description form. 

We can work with your schedule - you choose the number of hours that you would like to contribute — as many or as few as you wish. Whatever your interests, we'd be happy to talk to you! 

Currently we are most in need of:

  • Front Desk Greeters
  • Educational Program Assistants
  • Docents (for our 2014 season)
  • Gardeners

Come and be part of our museum community!

You may sign up right now! Provide us with some information about yourself and your interests by printing off and filling in on our volunteer registration form (pdf format). When you are done, mail them back or drop them off at the museum and Viktor, our Volunteer Coordinator, will arrange a meeting with you.  He may be reached at vkaczkowski@brockville.com or (613) 342 4397.  


The Museum shall show how the City of Brockville has developed from the earliest times to the present. It will also display a wide variety of themes to include other cultures and topics not directly related to Brockville whenever suitable.

The Museum has role to grow, mature and continue to evolve as a living institution. In this respect its purpose is:

To provide information by means of Museum exhibits, historical interpretive programs, research facilities and publishing written and visual materials.

To accept by gift or acquire by purchase those items, documents and artifacts which have been made sold or used in (or pertain to) Brockville and provide facilities for their preservation, storage and exhibition.

To preserve the Museum Collection by proper means and to carry out required conservation measures on the collection, where necessary.

To maintain an on-going cultural and educational institution to serve the children and adults of Brockville.

To serve the requirements and interests of visitors to the area who might want to gain a knowledge of Brockville's past history or who desire a cultural diversion.


The Brockville Museum depends on the generous support of individuals who give us items of local historical interest. Such items may include anything from a collection of photographs or slides from a local family to a Christmas Tree stand manufactured at Smart's Foundry.

The Brockville Museum has a collection committee which makes decisions with regards to accepting items into our collection based on the museum's collection policy.  The committee considers how well the item fits with the museum's mandate, the use of the item, the history of the item, the item's condition and whether or not such an item already exists in the museum's collection. The committee meets on the second Thursday of each month.

If you are considering donating an object to the museum, your are encouraged to email the museum with a photo and as much information as possible about the object, or you may bring the object to the museum and fill out a temporary gift form.  Either way you will be notified when  a decision has been reached by the Collection Committee.

For further details regarding any of our donation methods, please contact us at museum@brockville.com or (613) 342 4397.


Are you looking for meeting space?  Both our classroom and Carriage Hall are available for groups of up to 40 people.  Please email us at museum@brockville.com or call (613) 342 4397 for rates and further information. 

Our Facility Rental Form is available as a PDF by clicking here.