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100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge


Sunday April 09, 2017

    1:00 PM



    2:00 PM


On April 9th, Canada will mark the 100th anniversary of one of the country’s significant battles of the First World War: Vimy Ridge.  The battle of Vimy Ridge has become synonymous with Canadian nationalism and the prowess of Canadian soldiers.  But while some historians argue it was not Canada’s most important battle, it has become an important national symbol and certainly taught some very important lessons.

On April 9th at 1:00pm, the Brockville Rifles and the Brockville Museum will be host a free presentation on the battle of Vimy Ridge to mark the 100th anniversary.  There are two speakers scheduled for this event.  Sgt Joshua Hopper of the Brockville Rifles will provide the military background to the battle.  He will also look at how tactical aspects used 100 years ago are still influencing modern combat.

The Brockville Museum’s Amy Mackie (Interpretation & Public Program Coordinator) will use objects from the museum’s collection to look at the human side of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. 

This event is open to the public and is free of charge.