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Brockville Museum

Museum@Night: Brockville's National Treasure


Friday April 20, 2018

    8:00 PM



    10:00 PM


Explore the museum like never before through a series of uniquely themed after-hours events for adults featuring live entertainment, themed snacks, cash bar, and interactive activities.  Events kick off at 8pm.

Friday, March 23: Flashlight Tour: put together a team of 2-5 and search for clues with nothing but a flashlight to guide you! There will be puzzles and riddles to solve in this interactive adult scavenger hunt themed around the blackout caused by the 1998 Ice Storm... will you survive? "Ice storm" snacks will be provided and music provided by DJ Atomik.

Friday, April 20: Brockville’s National Treasure: decipher the code to uncover a lost Canadian treasure right here in the museum's collection. Using a recently uncovered (fictional) historical document, you'll have to help museum staff reveal the identity of this treasure lost in the museum's collection by solving riddles. Our snacks for this event will take on a very Canadian theme. Our snacks for this event will take on a very Canadian theme and music will be provided by the very talented Matthew O'Halloran.

Friday, June 1: History or Hearsay Cafe: decide which object label is true and which is pure fiction. With all new objects and labels for 2018, leisurely explore each station and see if you can identify the "fake" stories. There will also be a challenging round of Brockville trivia accompanied by delectable desserts and music provided by the light jazz trio "Never Too Late".

Get a great deal by purchasing your tickets in advance - all three nights for only $30 per person or $12 for individual nights (to be purchased by noon the Wednesday prior) or $15 at the door. Tickets are available online through Snapd Tix at or in person at the museum.