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Brockville Museum

About Us

The Brockville Museum preserves and utilizes an evolving collection of objects and stories representing Brockville's past and present to provide inspiring, inclusive, and collaborative experiences that enhance well-being and strengthen the community's social and human capital in the service of Brockville's future.


The Brockville Museum is governed by a Board of Management, appointed by Brockville City Council.  The Board consists of up to ten members.  If you are interested in serving on the Board, please check out our Fact Sheet, and apply to the Clerk’s Office at City Hall (we recommend volunteering with us for at least one year to become more familiar with our programs and activities).

The Brockville Museum receives annual operating funds from the City of Brockville and from the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries.  These operating funds help cover core staffing and facility costs, but we rely on donations from the community and from the Friends of the Brockville Museum to cover the costs of exhibitions, programming, collections care, and other special projects.

Board of Management Meetings are considered public meetings. Minutes of our Board of Management meetings are shared publically with the City's Economic Developement, Recreation, and Tourism Committee. Please contact the museum if you are interested in attaended an upcoming meeting.

View the museum's current 5-year plan for 2020-2025 as adopted by the Board of Management on December 9, 2019.  


The Brockville Museum was formally established at the present site in 1981.  For nearly a decade prior to that, the Brockville Historical Society had held a “summer museum” in various historical locations throughout Brockville on a variety of local heritage themes.  Since 1981 the museum's collection grow substantially, and in 1995 expanded its facility at 5 Henry Street. Today the Brockville Museum is entrenched in this community as a vibrant hub of activity.

For a detailed history of the Brockville Museum click here (opens PDF).


As our services and collections have continued to grow, we’ve come to identify several shortcomings in our current home on Henry Street.

In addition to a critical lack of storage, we have also identified critical failings of the current buildings, including susceptibility to flooding and insufficient environmental controls.

In 2017, the Museum Board of Management voted to begin investigating relocation options for the museum, with a vision to moving to new premises by 2032, the year of Brockville’s 200th anniversary of incorporation. (View motion here)

To this end, the City of Brockville, with financial support from the Friends of the Brockville Museum, procured the services of Lord Cultural Resources in late 2020 to prepare a detailed needs assessment and development strategy for the re-development of the Brockville Museum at a new site.  The Final Report provides the guidance for the size, location, construction, mandate, and operation of the relocated and expanded Brockville Museum.

  • Undertaken with stakeholder and community consultation, the study prepared a vision for the Brockville Museum in a new location that serves as a destination for both residents and tourists, and which aligns with City priorities and goals, as well as community needs.  The study helped identify action items that will bring this vision to fruition.
  • A virtual public meeting was held on November 25, 2020. The meeting's agenda is available here, and a copy of the Museum's slide presentation (identifying issues and discusing facilities) is avialable here.
  • An online public survey was circulated in late December 2020.

On May 4, 2021, the completed Feasibility Study was presented to the City's Economic Development, Recreation, and Tourism Committee (EDRTC) - a recording of the meeting is available here (click here) (the presentation starts around the 4:30 minute mark).

The Vision: A dynamic new museum in a larger modern facility that serves as a welcoming community hub, offering engaging experiences to connect with each other through our stories.