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Brockville Museum


The Brockville Museum is home to exhibits and displays on Brockville's industrial and social past, focused primarily on the themes "Made in Brockville" and "The People of Brockville".  Our exhibition schedule includes temporary and travelling exhibits in addition to our more permanent displays.

Permanent Exhibits

Brockville's Commerical and Industrial Past: illustrates some of the many products once (and still) manufactured in Brockville as well as some of the prominent shops and businesses that thrived here.

People of Brockville: celebrates Brockville's fascinating historical figures and vivacious ordinary people with interpretive panels about our citizenry's contribution to the community and in some cases to the country.

Travel Trunk: Unpacking Brockville’s Cultural Stories: Winner of the 2019 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence for Exhibitions! Unpack the role immigration has played in Brockville’s development and discover the stories of local newcomers all while exploring your own family’s journey to Brockville.  This hands-on and interactive exhibit is geared towards families with children age 8-12. 

Brockville's Rail Story: a look at the dynamic role the railway has played in Brockville's development.  

Blockhouse Island and the Tunnel: a look at the history and development of these two iconic Brockville landmarks

Brockville's River Story: a look at Brockville's shift from an industry-centred waterfront to one focused on recreation and commercial enterprise.

Brockville's Art History: Now OPEN! Changing art exhibits featuring historic pieces from the museum's art collection. For 2022 the gallery will feature works by Robert Henry Lindsay, Katrina Buell, Robert Wright, and Thomas Hare.

Virtual Exhibits

In addition to our physical exhibits we are also pleased to offer a variety of virtual exhibits that highlight items of interest in our collection.